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Lanzarote osteopath sciatica pain
Osteopathy treatment
Lanzarote osteopath sciatica pain

Proactive treatment for injury and its prevention

Lanzarote osteopath clinics in
Tías and Soo.

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Osteopathy uses a variety of myofascial and manipulative techniques to improve kinetic chain function and total body alignment. In other words, Osteopathy treats the body as a whole to help improve function and reduce strain, which in turn allows damaged tissues to heal and repair.


Treatment will help to heal an injury and reduce pain but exercise and stretching advice are key elements that aid repair and help to prevent further injury in the future. As part of my treatment, I advise patients on the best ways to manage their condition and the most suitable rehab program for their goals.

Sports massage


Sports massage is a great way to "flush" out tired, tight muscles after intensive exercise. It also helps to maintain good muscle condition, improve recovery time post exercise and contributes to injury prevention.

Myofascial Acupuncture


I use myofascial acupuncture to compliment the hands-on techniques. Acupuncture has been proven in studies to be effective in pain management, muscle trigger point de-activation as well as in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Foundation Training

Foundation Training works to activate the muscles that help to decompress the spine (your posterior chain), open the shoulders, and improves hip movement and control.

Foundation training uses a combination of powerful movements, intentional poses, and conscious breathing. Exercises that help to restore normal movement and function and relieve pain and dysfunction.

Often we have a slumped, compressed spinal posture from sitting at our desks or from driving. This causes compression of the spinal discs and joints. The shoulders become rounded which may lead to tendon and impingement problems. The hips become tight and turned out, again causing pain, dysfunction and increase pressure on the spine and hip joints. The postures used in these exercises help to counter these poor movement patterns and postures.


When practiced regularly (for as little as 10-15 minutes a day!), pain diminishes,  resistance to injury improves, and your body feels stronger and fitter.

I am a certified level 1 foundation training instructor (the only one in Spain at this time!) and teach this incredible exercise protocol either as part of my treatment, as individual sessions, online sessions and group classes. I practise this daily and can vouch for its effectiveness.

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Kinesio myofascial taping


Myofascial or kinesio taping is increasingly popular among athletes and the general population. Its ability to stretch but maintain support allows more natural movement - an important consideration for sports people. It has also been shown to help reduce bruising and swelling post injury.

I am qualified RockDoc, certified in the use of myofascial taping and I use RockTape as my preferred choice of tape.

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Niel Asher Technique


I have completed the specialist frozen shoulder course developed by Simeon Niel Asher. This technique has been shown to help people significantly with frozen shoulder. Far more quickly than the typical months and years this problem can continue for.

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Jamie Last Osteopathy Lanzarote

Commonly treated conditions
  • Sciatica

  • Low back pain

  • Degenerative disc disease

  • Tendinopathy

  • "Trapped nerve"

  • Frozen shoulder - Niel Asher Technique

  • Whiplash

  • Spinal disc injury

  • Piriformis syndrome

  • Bursitis

  • Migraine and headache

  • Facet joint pain

  • ITB friction syndrome

  • Patello-femoral maltracking

  • Surfers shoulder

  • Rotator cuff injury

  • Osteoarthritic pains

Woman being treated by osteopath
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