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Surfer falls in a wave

Pro-active treatment for injury and prevention

Surf massage

Anyone who has tried surfing will know just how much it can make those muscles burn and ache. After a day at the beach paddling for wave after wave there is no doubt that nearly everyone will come away with tight muscles, feeling exhausted and hopefully a grin from ear to ear.


Most younger people coming to Famara have some interest in surfing or kite surfing. Understandably, as its the main beginners surf beach in Lanzarote, providing consistent swell and a long, sandy beach perfect for newbies.

I work closely with a number fo the surf schools in Famara and often get calls visiting surfers looking for a treatment that will ease their aching muscles and get them back into the surf the next day feeling able to try again. Local surfers too will often surf for hours at a time for several days in a row to make the most of the swell, and so too end up sore and stiff. I treat a fair number of them here at my bungalow in Famara.


Most of us that try surfing for the first time have done little or no preparation before their surf school experience and its no surprise just how tough it is on the body, especially on the neck and shoulders. I know.... my ageing body lets me know every time I surf!


I have plenty of experience treating surfers and know just what's needed to you back out there!

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