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Pro-active treatment for injury and prevention

Sports injury

Sports injuries are often associated with trauma or overuse. The injuries that people experience are often sport specific. Some injuries are more common or typical in some certain sports. This means that seeing a professional experienced in dealing with the type of sport you practice can be invaluable.


Diagnosis of your injury is essential so that appropriate treatment can be administered. Advice on injury management, care, rehabilitation and prognosis are integral.


Understanding your injury goes a long way to reducing the frustrations associated with time out from your sport and the need for appropriate care. Different tissues repair at different rates and require different approaches for recovery. Having this information can help in the way you manage your injury and improve your recovery and speed up your return to sport


I am a member of the Osteopathic Sports Care Association. Accredited in the Osteopathic care of sports injuries. In the UK, I worked as part of a multidisciplinary clinic for 8 years with leading sports physicians in the UK, including the lead Sports physician for GB athletics. The team also included hugely experienced Sports physiotherapists. This experience has given me great insights in the treatment and management of  Sports injuries.

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